Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy that governs how Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show use Personal Data that we collect, receive and protect about individuals and/or companies in connection with the use of the event website i.e. (, its sub-domains, external marketing activities and the services provided by the Event i.e. the web applications and mobile applications.

In this document, we/our/us is in reference to Event and you/your is referred to the user or an attendee.

This policy does not imply to any third-party organisations that collect the personal data, including through any third-party application or content that links to or is accessible from our applications or websites.

1. Introduction:

The privacy document describes the practices of the Event/Organizer to protect and safeguard the individual’s privacy whose data is being collected. This privacy policy holds great significance to us in terms of protecting the privacy of all the people.

This document explains how the personal data is collected, in connection with what services and how is it used.

“Personal Information” means any information which is related to an identified or identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as name, contact information, physical address, and many such factors.

2. Terms of Use:

The Privacy Policy is developed as a part of the End User Terms of Service which can be viewed on the website and within the Services which we provide. The Terms of Use must be accepted prior to using the service for the first time.

3. System for Consent:

By agreeing to use our services, and going through our Privacy Policy, users provide their consent for us to collect, store and process their data as required. Users, who are in disagreement about this privacy policy, won’t be able to access our products or services.

After updating our privacy policies if the user continues to access our services, then it will be deduced they have readily accepted the revised policies.

4. What data is collected by the Event?

GGJS collect a variety of personal data including name, e-mail address, contact number; & GSTIN, from the given sources.

Our use of personal information collected through applications shall be limited to the purpose of providing the services to our attendees that have signed up for the event and are currently engaged in using the Services provided by us.

If you do not agree with our policies at any point, you may choose not to use our applications and services.

1. Registration

Users who are attendees in an event might be buying tickets for that event or registering for the same. Information that you provide while creating an attendee account or registering for that event or using any of its services i.e. buying tickets or attending certain sessions will ask for your personal information including name, e-mail id, contact number, and so on. All these information fields are customizable by the sole entity i.e. Event Organiser. In this case, event organiser is solely liable for undertaking the protection of user’s personal information.

If you wish to opt out of the registration and ticketing process or stop receiving any e-mails from the organiser after the event is over, you can unsubscribe to the services.

In case of any doubt or query, feel free to contact us or drop an email at [email protected].

While registering and buying tickets of an event, the user might be asked to enter the transaction and financial information (credit card details, debit card details etc), used with the services of the thirdparty organisation i.e. Stripe and Razorpay. Both these third-parties are responsible for any financial information being collected of the user and not the Event, in any case, is a part of this.

We DO NOT store any payment related, financial or transactional details of any user.

2. Event Website

Event website may contain “Contact Us” section added by the event organiser. The personal information collected may include name, e-mail id, phone number, designation and so on which are totally customizable by the event organiser.

The event websites also have an option for the user to opt-in for subscriptions such as newsletters from the event organiser through the ‘Subscribe’ box. By opting in for the services, your e-mail id will be used to send you e-mails from the event organiser.

Some event websites may also include an embedded registration form where the user’s personal information can be asked like name, e-mail id, contact number etc. All these fields are customizable by the event organiser.

3. Analytics

We use third-party analytics provider i.e. Google Analytics to collect information about the usage of our applications and to help improvise on those applications as required. The information collected is put to use in further developing the application so the user doesn’t have to face any difficulty.

Google Analytics uses cookies and various other technologies to collect information about the usage of the applications and also reports website trends, without storing any personal data.

4. How do we use the collected information?

The Personal Information collected from ( is used by the Event for the following purposes:

(i) Event may use the Personal Information of the user to send newsletters, (ii) marketing and promotional purposes for current and future events, (iii) response to “Contact Us” or any request initiated by the user.

5. Security

The safety of personal information of the users is quite important for us. We ensure that proper measures are taken to safeguard our database of customer’s personal information. With all the latest physical and technical integrations and methodologies, we tend to secure the data which also includes encryption of data over the internet. For more details about our security of Services, you can drop a mail at (contact email).

6. Ownership of the data:

The data being processed by us remains under the ownership of the organizer unless the ownership is shared by a duly signed contract. The liability for the data is limited to the owner of the data.

7. Data Access and Accuracy

The personal information provided to us is maintained securely and accurately in the database. If you, at any point in time would like to delete or correct any of your personal data that we have stored, you can request access to the data by emailing us at (contact email). You should mention specifically with all the details in a plain, clear format about your request to access your personal information.

We’ll keep updating the privacy policy as and when we adopt new regulations and new changes in the Event and its Services.